Lucky’s Doughnuts and 49th Parallel


Where: 49th Parallel with Lucky’s Doughnuts at the West 4th location
When: Summer, 2015

I am not a fan of doughnuts as I do not quite like that much sugar in my food. However, Lucky’s Doughnuts subverted all expectations and because I have only eaten Tim Horton’s donuts as comparison, have become my favourite doughnuts. The coffee, I’m not a connoisseur, that’s my friend Teng and she enjoyed 49th Parallel’s coffee very much. For me, it was just pretty coffee with latte art. Like so:

49th Parallel 1

Pretty, right?

Yeah, but what more important for me were the donuts. Now, I found them pricey (but then everything is pricey for a student) but oh they were so worth the price.

We had:

49th Parallel 2

“Coconut pastry cream-filled doughnut topped with toasted meringue and coconut.” That’s the official description from the website and oh my gawd, it was so good. I love coconut–I’m from Fiji, it’s difficult not to. And this donut was the realization of all my coconut wishes. So delicious.

49th Parallel 3

We also got the PB&J. It has a jam filling with peanut butter topping. It is not too sweet and the pastry portion is just soft and spongy. It was a party in my mouth until it was gone and I was sad.

If you are ever looking for delicious doughnuts, try out Parallel 49th. They have locations all over the city so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding one.

Happy eating!


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