Seoul Cafe, Burnaby: Not Quite Soul Food

I love Korean food. I love the spice, the flavours, and how vegetables become so delicious with a bit of gochujang and some sesame oil (with garlic and chili flakes). Seoul Cafe in Burnaby popped up on my IG feed and I liked what I saw so I decided to go there for a date with my brother.

Place: Seoul Cafe
Meal: Snack (or as the Filipinos say, Merienda)
When: January 2016

Seoul Cafe 2

This is the tuna kimbap (gimbap), Korea’s answer to sushi and oh my gosh, Seoul Cafe’s tuna kimbap was bad. Maybe I’m spoiled because every other kimbap I have eaten has been delicious but this…was not good. The gim was dry as were the insides. I don’t know if the tuna inside was seasoned–it didn’t taste seasoned but it, too, was dry. There was no harmony between the vegetables and the tuna. And the rice, unsurprisingly, was dry as well. I do not recommend getting this if you go to Seoul Cafe. Stay far far away.

seoul cafe 1

The biggest reason for us going here though was the bingsoo which is a Korean dessert made of milky shaved ice, injeolmi (the mochi or rice cakes), crushed cereal and I believe red bean paste. This was delicious and in fact I could have easily eaten the entire thing myself but I was good and shared. Seoul Cafe was slightly redeemed by its excellent bingsoo but it will take a lot for me to forgive the horrible kimbap. I’m still shuddering!


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