The Obligatory Introductory Post

There are numerous food blogs on the interwebs. I offer nothing new here except a sincere love of food and a somewhat discerning palate. I live in Vancouver so I will be talking about/reviewing food from different places there but I might someday get to travel and I will certainly talk about food I find at whatever place I go to too.

I eat only halal food and no pork/bacon/pig product. This means that the dishes I choose will either be vegetarian or seafood unless I get lucky enough to find a place that serves halal food. If that happens than angels sing.


Posts will be infrequent and I don’t expect a lot of traffic but I am doing this as a sort of indulgence so that is perfectly fine.

I will also include dishes cooked at my home–probably not by me because my cooking leaves a lot to be desired–by my mother who is a wonderful cook. Or my dad and brother or sister-in-law.

That is about it for now.


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