Pure Bread: A Mecca for the Dessert-Loving Soul


One of the stops in our food adventure last December was Pure Bread. As you walk into the cafe, you are greeted by a sight that will have the angels singing.

Purebread 2

This is only a portion of all the food that was laid out for the perusal of the customers of whom there are many. The pastries on display don’t remain on display for too long so you don’t have to worry about staleness and if you need something warmed up, the servers will do so. The pastries are a bit pricey but once again, I’m poor so it may just be me.

Pure Bread 1

I ordered the raspberry cream cheese brownie and Teng ordered the other two items. Mine was a bit too sweet and I was still full from our lunch at Kingyou Izakaya so I just nibbled at my pastry. The line is long but moves swiftly. The service is excellent with frequent smiles from the servers. The seating, however, was uncomfortable because it’s a tiny place and the seats are arranged for maximum capacity so not much breathing room. I recommend getting what you want and going to a place where you can sit more comfortably–spread out in other words–and linger over your pastries.


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