Quick Stop: Kimbap at Kimbap Cheonguk


I talked about how the kimbap at Seoul Cafe was not to my liking so I thought I would give an alternative if you get kimbap cravings and have to satisfy them.

Kimbap Cheonguk is a tiny hole-the-wall joint located in Coquitlam. Address:

341 N Road
Suite A3
Coquitlam, BC V3K 3V8

The kimbap offered by Kimbap Cheongul are out of this world. The place is bustling and there’s a vibrancy to the atmosphere that goes well to convince you that people eat delicious things here. I know I loved it and would go back in a heartbeat if I find myself in Coquitlam any time soon. And oh, the prices are very cheap. The entire roll of kimbap was for $3.95. I ate well.


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