Italian Pizza, Desi Style


When fusion food is mentioned, one doesn’t automatically think of pizza but here in Surrey, pizza has been appropriated by the desi community. When I say desi I mean people of Indian heritage. People from Pakistan, India and around those areas. People who speak some Indian language and eat a prodigious amount of curry.

Now how is pizza a fusion food? Simple, add ginger and garlic to the mix. Now I’ve eaten a fair amount of pizza in my life but the one over at Veggie Hut is probably the greatest. Veggie Hut offers strictly vegetarian food and the pizza pictured is the “desi style” which means it comes with  onions, mushroom, bell pepper, tomatoes, ginger and cilantro, garlic, and mozzarella cheese. The crush was light and fragrant; it tasted like the pizza dough was made with some garlic. There was a definite bite to it that I loved.

The pizza toppings were a bit spicy, not too much, but then I like spicy food so my metre will probably not be the standard. And it’s just the most heavenly pizza ever. Both slices of it.

So if you live in Surrey or nearby, I recommend Veggie Hut pizza. They’re open seven days a week and are located on 7025, 128th Street, Surrey. Their number is 604-592-5696.

Happy eating!



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