Quick Stop: Basho Cafe


Last summer, two friends and I went out of our way to Basho Cafe because we had heard a lot about the place. They’re located on East Hastings and Victoria and we don’t have much reason to go that way but still, we were determined to Basho and Basho we did.

The place is tiny and is very busy. The service is wonderful and the dessert offered is cheap and delicious. However, the day we went the smell in and around the store was…off. It smelled like something had died and someone had used up a whole can of air freshener to get rid of the smell without quite succeeding. That was my impression anyway. It’s too far for me to make more than a trip there but I do wish they’d move closer or open another branch somewhere nearer downtown because their cookies are divine.

I would recommend checking out the place for a taste of Vancouver. Yeah, Japanese sweets but hey, that’s what Vancouver is: multicultural.

Happy eating!


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  1. elle says:

    What?! I didn’t know there was a place like this in Vancouver! I’m leaving to Japan this afternoon so I won’t get the chance to visit it! How did I never hear about this! I’m definitely checking it out when I get back. 😛


    1. Nafiza says:

      There certainly is. Enjoy your trip and enjoy Basho Cafe when you get back!

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