Homemade Lahmacun

Homemade Lahmacun

Lahmacun (pronounced lahmajoon) is a Turkish flatbread covered with a layer of ground beef. Ever since I saw the host of National Geographic’s Street Food Around the World TV series eating it in Turkey, I’ve wanted to taste it and since my partner-in-crime is not around right now, I figured I’d ask my mom very nice to try making it. And my mom, bless her, did.

We used this recipe with some alternations (we didn’t use the salca) and we used chili instead of paprika. The taste may not very authentic but it was delicious and satisfied me until I get my hands on a lahmacun actually made in a tandoori oven.

One lahmacun is quite filling and if you put some sour cream and lemon juice on top, the flavours are intensified.

Happy eating!


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