Veggie Ramen at Ramen Jinya


Teng and I went to Jinya Ramen a while back–this was before they had spi cy creamy vegan ramen (which just means we have to go there again)–and both Teng and I had vegetable soup ramen which came with a vegetable broth with a whole lot of vegetables.

We ordered seasoned eggs and spicy bean sprout toppings to liven up our ramen but because I eat and love spicy food, I found the broth to be very bland and it was not really to my liking. The eggs and the bean sprouts were delicious but didn’t do too much to counter the blandness of the broth. The taiyaki we ordered was, if I remember correctly, very delicious.

Teng and I are planning on going back to Jinya Ramen for the new vegan ramen and we’ll be sure to let you know how it goes the second time around. If you are looking for veggie ramen in Vancouver and don’t eat too much spice, you might like this more than I did.

Happy eating!


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