A Full Table at Bukchigo Jangguchigo

This restaurant was an interesting find. Mostly because we found it by looking for Bukjeong Restaurant (and I’m not sure whether that ever existed). We went to Bukchigo Janguchigo the same day we went to Cheonguk Kimbap. Don’t judge, we were hungry. The restaurant was (still is, I think) unassuming from the front but Teng and I had perused the menu for hours (we are very serious about food) and we were very excited about the stuff on offer.

While Cheonguk Kimbap was bustling, Bukchigo was distinctly empty. Like empty enough that we were the only customers. I don’t understand why. The place is spacious and the decor up to date. It’s not noticeably dirty so the reason for its lack of customers could only be the food. Right?

Well, the food isn’t bad or anything but it wasn’t particularly memorable. The soup was good (mine was really spicy) as was the rice. The radish kimchi was cut in huge pieces and very inconvenient to eat. I know you are wondering why we didn’t ask the servers to cut the pieces into more manageable sizes but honestly, the service wasn’t too friendly. They started having their own meal while we were in the middle of ours and there wasn’t anyone around to, well…serve us.

All in all, I was pretty underwhelmed with both the food and the service. Next time I go to Lougheed, I’m probably going to House of Tofu Soup because I’ve been missing their food for a while now.

Happy eating!


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