Fresh Jalebiyaa from Taj Sweets and Restaurant


Jalebi (or plural Jalebiyaa) are Indian sweets made from dough, fried in oil, and dipped in syrup. Not ideal for the health conscious but then, it’s not something you eat as a meal or even every day. Indian mithai is usually eaten on special celebratory occasions (like weddings or parties) and surely you can be forgiven an indulgence now and then. Right?

Taj Sweets and Restaurant in Surrey (right beside Fruiticana) make fresh jalebiyaan usually on the weekends. One small box that you can share with at least five other people costs $5. Let me tell you that the experience of eating fresh jalebiyaa is out of this world. You won’t even bother coming up with a reason to eat it.

Or you know, the one that always works for me is: I’m celebrating the fact that I’m alive!

That works, right?

Happy eating!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Yash says:

    I was just telling my parents I wanted to try and get some jalebi soon! Food coincidences are funny! 😀


    1. Nafiza says:

      Fresh jalebi! I don’t know where you’d have to go to find them in Vancouver though. Main street?


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