Get Your Dessert On at Crackle Creme

Do you have a thing for trying out new dessert and do not mind traipsing all over a rather smelly section of the city to get to your heart’s desire? (Well okay, the smelly is relative but whatever chemical that hair salon was using, it has a lot to answer for because phew!).

Crackle Creme is relatively new to the dessert scene in Vancouver ( though to be honest, so am I) (Teng knows these things much better than me) and after seeing oodles of gushing posts (accompanied by glorious pictures) on Instagram, I decided that I needed to give this place a go. So off we went, that is, Teng, Yash, and I. It was a hot day during the summer of 2015; we walked a lot to get to the place which is rather out of the way in China Town.

There was no one in the eatery apart from us and the proprietor and despite the lack of customers, the person-in-charge wasn’t very friendly. No smiles at all, no conversations, no welcome. This was remarkably off-putting.

Look, I don’t care what the general disposition of servers is in whatever part of the town. If you want me as a customer and if you want me to return and rain effusive praise, give me smiles and make me feel welcome to your store–not as if I am imposing myself in your space. Maybe the proprietor was having a bad day? Not that I care. I really don’t. Good service is essential to me.

As for the dessert, what I really wanted was matcha waffles and that wasn’t available. The creme bruelee was okay but nothing that made me writhe on the floor and then write panegyrics. Still, it was something new, something that I don’t have often so there was that.

I’m not saying not to give the place a try if you find yourself in the area. Maybe the server has learned that a smile goes a long way. Me? I’m not going to be making that trip again any time soon.

(Teng took the photo!)


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