Shaved Ice at the Icy Bar

This past week was extremely hot for Vancouver. We had a heat wave in spring so a part of me wants to curl up and die at the thought of what the summer will bring. But that’s neither here nor there…okay it might there but let’s cross that mountain when we come to it.

I’m talking about shaved ice. This was more the bingsoo style shaved ice than the Taiwanese snow I’m hankering for but I figure that will happen when it does.

Instagram has long titillated me about the deliciousness of the desserts at Icy Bar and I was anxious to try it out for myself. Icy Bar is located on Kingsway and it’s a clean little shop with friendly servers who take FOREVER to make your order.

My brother and I were anxious to get home because we had just gotten off work and it was, as I said hot, so we got ours to go. He went back to the car after we ordered to make sure no one towed it away (parking is a bit difficult to find around there so you have to take your chances) while I waited…

and waited…

…and waited some more.

Until finally our order was up and I came away with the papaya milkshake (which was delicious) and the mango-mochi shaved icy bowls. And in the heat we practically inhaled the stuff. To be honest, I’ve had better. The one at Seoul Cafe was better in terms of taste and infusion of condensed milk on the ice. The mango was not really fresh and it didn’t have a particularly mango-ey taste which was strange. The ice cream was delicious though and the mochi gave the dish some texture.

But it was rather pricey for what felt like an okay dish. ($12 for the mango-mochi shaved ice.) Would I go back? Depends on how hot it is. But next time around, I’ll probably go for the Taiwanese snow series they have.


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