Lunching at Ryuu Japanese Kitchen

It was lunch hour and I was starving. I had been curious about Ryuu Japanese Kitchen for a while though I hadn’t made any special efforts to go there. But this past Monday, the stars aligned and I found myself looking for a solo meal.

All the servers I came across in the restaurant (actually even the sushi chef) were female and that was nice. They were also super friendly and didn’t make me feel self-conscious about lunching alone like some servers do (I’m not naming names but they exist).

The food?

ryuu izakaya

The tamago sushi was…kinda terrible. I don’t know if I can attribute the taste to it being my first time to eat tamago sushi but it was cold and had a rather slimy texture that I did not like at all.

The California roll was nothing to write home about…but then again, California rolls rarely are. I mean, *shrug* It was okay?

The ebi mayo…hmm. It was actually quite delicious. Not up to the Kingyou Izakaya standard but still it did not retain oil and the batter was crisp. I only wish they had left the hard tail uncovered because I thought it didn’t have the tail and popped the last bit in my mouth only to make some terrible realizations. (I’m not a fan of the shell.)

The sauce was tasty and I liked the greens that came with the ebi mayo though the tomato was random but okay.

Would I go back? Eh you know, I don’t think so. I mean, the food wasn’t terrible, the servers nice but there was nothing there that blew my mind. So no I wouldn’t.


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