Straight out of the Airport to Phnom Penh

Hello, it’s me…

The other half of this two-women team! Like Nafiza, I also have an intense love for food, and I am always eager to try new food and find new places to drag Nafiza with me to try. If not, I will go on my own. Heehee

I am a proud #foodie, though as much as I wish, I am no food expert. I do not know all the technical terms but I do know when the food tastes good. I am also blessed with a stomach that does not bother me with any food allergies, so I have not dietary restrictions to deal with…All the better for me to try and eat EVERYTHING!! (Okay, not literally. I hate asparagus. They’re evil)

Anyway, I mostly live bi-coastal, so my reviews will generally be about food in Vancouver, which I adore. I may talk about the food I ate in Ottawa, when I’m on the other coast. Though that remains to be seen.

I thought it would be apropos for my first post to talk about what I ate after I came back to Vancouver from Ottawa the other day. We went to Phnom Penh, because I have been craving their food for the past three months. You will likely see from my reviews that the food, particularly Asian food, in Ottawa is…less than stellar, to put it in polite terms. I don’t eat in Asian restaurants when I’m in Ottawa, which means after a few months of living there, I come back with a raging craving, and a feeding frenzy ensues. Nafiza can attest to that.

Back to Phnom Penh.

We had their Filet Beef Luc Lac on Rice with Egg. This I think, is one of their best dishes. The beef is incredibly tender, mixed with the steak sauce and the cream yolk of the fried egg…it tastes like heaven. The dish that day was on point as always, though for some reason, I feel like the portion was smaller than usual? It might just be a one-off thing, we did come during the middle of the lunch rush. Still, if you’re not a vegetarian. I highly recommend ordering this.

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We then had their signature Deep-fried Chicken Wings! This is actually my first time ordering the chicken wings, but I can see why people consider Phnom Penh’s chicken wings to be the best in the city. The batter is crispy with plenty of flavor. It’s not too salty or spicy, it almost have a sweet taste. I find that the chicken wing is great by itself or with the lemon pepper dip. The actual meat was also incredibly juicy and tender.

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Also, for alternatives, I would recommend trying their Spicy Garlic Squid or, if you’re feeling adventurous, the Butter Garlic Frog Legs. Both are incredible as well. Trust, because I tried them both.

Next was the Fried Oyster Cake. I know, it looked humongous on the table as well. While the edges of the cake is very crispy, the centre is tender and I think, because of the yam flour mixed in the batter, a little sticky as well. The cake pairs well with the fresh basil sprinkled on top. Note that this cake has a very strong oyster taste. If you’re not a fan of the fishy taste, don’t order this. For me, it reminded me of the oyster cakes I had at Taiwanese night markets when I was a child, so I couldn’t get enough of it.

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Finally, we had the Crispy Golden Fish, which is a whole pomfret. The pomfret meat was quite tender, and mixed with the slightly sweet soy sauce, very delicious. The skin was a little hard to deal with though.


I highly recommend Phnom Penh. Even with a pounding headache the other day, I still enjoyed the food!



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  1. Nafiza says:

    Dang. You certainly did get your money’s worth. 😀


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