Giovane Cafe: Round Two


The other day I found myself in the vicinity of Giovane cafe with time to spare and I thought I may as well make hay while the sun is hot (hur) and went to check out the new versions of the sugar buns.

I chose the passion fruit and coconut sugar bun which is about two thirds the size of the classic one and filled with flavoured cream. As a comparison, the classic bun has vanilla cream. The mini bun is just as delicious as the original one and the smaller size means yours truly can happily finish it without feeling nauseated because these things are heavy on the stomach.

I had the banana and coconut latte to accompany my sugar bun and I’m not gonna lie–it wasn’t bad but it’s not something I am ever going to repeat. It was just too strange a combination for my brain to process. The coffee and banana tastes were prominent. I didn’t get much of a taste of the coconut though–not that I’m complaining.

Still, the mini sugar buns were good and if you find yourself near the cafe, give them a try. If you are specifically going for the sugar buns, go really early because they tend to sell out quickly.


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