Munching on Banana Leaves: Lunch at Banana Leaf

This past Saturday, Teng and I were reunited and how else could we celebrate this momentous occasion than with food? The first stop on our trip was Banana Leaf – Denman branch. Don’t quote me on this but I think each location has a slightly different menu. Teng and I are going to give you thoughts on shared dishes separately before discussing our mains. Here goes nothing!


Nafiza: This was superb. The beans were crunchy, the shrimp was cooked perfectly and the tomatoes were juicy. The spicy level, too, was just right. I’m a fan.

Teng: I liked this dish as well. It tasted fresh, spicy and just a little sweet. I just had a slight problem with the presentation. A little too messy and hurried for me.


Nafiza: The mango kerabu is the dish that I’m going to be dreaming about for a while. It is so light and so delicious that it makes for the perfect summer dish. The sauce was fragrant and infused the salad bits with an unbeatable flavour. I want mooreeee.

Teng: This dish was fantastic! The sweet mango pairs amazingly well with the sauce and the little leaves of basil in the salad. It tastes like summer.

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Teng: The roti canai was great. The naan was both flakey and soft. The coconut curry sauce was a little sweet and the spice level was good. I was hoping for the sauce to be more satay-style, with a stronger peanut flavor but this version was still enjoyable.

Nafiza: This was an odd dish for me. Being of Indian descent, I have eaten far superior stuff to the one we were served. So while I didn’t dislike it, I didn’t like it all that much. Usually when we make curry (particularly with meat) we have the gravy and well…my mom’s version is way tastier. *cheese*


Nafiza: My lunch was basa fillet cooked with gulai sauce which apparently is made from tamarind. There were carrot and broccoli pieces strewn in (or hidden underneath very cleverly) the fish. I enjoyed this dish quite a lot. I mean, it was the reason I wanted to go to Banana Leaf in the first place. Mmm, the sweet and sour taste of the fish is tempting me again. The serving portions for all dishes was perfect as well. I was able to have a great lunch without being stuffed. Good times.

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Teng: I had the Singapore Laksa as the main. The spicy coconut milk soup hit the spot. I’ve been craving laksa for a while so I was happy that I got it. However, I did not like that the proteins, particularly the chicken, were quite bland. It seems like they just threw on the protein before serving, they weren’t really infused with the flavor of the wonderful coconut milk soup.


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