Putting the Ch in Che-Licious


It has been a busy week so apologies for the late post continuing our 1st (of hopefully many) foodie trip. After Banana Leaf, we went to Che-licious which is right next door (almost) for dessert.

If you don’t know what Che is (I’m missing an accent), Che-Licious prettily handily defines it:

“Chè” refers to Vietnamese desserts. Our Chè consists of real fruits, various jellies and beans, complimented with a coconut milk or coconut juice base and sweetened with natural palm sugar.

The cafe itself is prettily decorated with quirky touches that make it a wonderful place to be. The green is refreshing on the eyes and the seating is comfortable. The service is friendly though I did detect some side-eyeing of my hijabi-self but that may be a case of me being too sensitive to stuff like that.

On to the drinks/dessert though. I decided to go with the guava drink because I have been feeling homesick for a while now and what better way to indulge in homesickness than by eating something I ate nearly everyday in Fiji?

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

On the right is my guava bubble drink with mango jelly and on the left is Teng’s che special.

My guava drink was intense. Like the flavour could have reached out and slapped me strong. That was the best part. It was creamy and flavourful but it was too sweet. So sweet my toes curled. Also, for some reason the drink was a little over half full of ice and I didn’t understand why. Bubble drinks don’t usually come crammed with ice and well, I guess I felt a bit cheated. I tried Teng’s che but honestly after how sweet and flavourful my guava drink was, I couldn’t get a sense of anything from the che.


Nafiza: We have been wanting to go to this place for nearly a year and a half now. We just never got around to it. Though I had a more positive experience with the drink (apart from the sugar and the ice), it’s not something I am going to return to any time soon. I could see myself going there more often were I a frequent visitor to the neighbourhood but I don’t think I will make too much of an effort to return. Still, one name crossed off the bucket list.

Teng: While my Che special was fun to try, I was only able to taste the coconut milk and the sugar. Like Nafiza, I don’t think my drink was that memorable. I hope the other drinks on the menu are better. I did express my complaint on Instagram about the drinks being too sweet, and the kind people at Che-licious had suggested that we get the drink with half sugar next time. Perhaps that’s what we can do if we are ever in that neighborhood again.


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