An Ode to Thomas Haas


Oh Thomas, how can I put my love for you into words…

I’ve been going to Thomas Haas longer than I remember. Each visit always fills me with happiness and warmth because Thomas’s pastries and cakes always maintain their excellent quality. I have not had a bad experience at Thomas. I dragged Nafiza there a couple of years ago and since then she’s been in love as well. We love this place so much…I’m sure you’ll see us write about Thomas again on this blog in the future! One post is not enough to express our love.

I went back recently, because I’ve been craving their sweets again.

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The hazelnut danish. One thing I love about Thomas is that they are always generous with the ingredients, as you can see from the snow of almond flakes on top of the pastry. The danish was incredibly flaky, buttery and beautiful. There is some cinnamon and chopped up nuts inside, which gives the pastry a nice texture as well.

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This is the special of the week. Another thing I love about Thomas is that they are always creating new items. You can almost always find something new to try on each visit. Unfortunately, I did not get the name for this cake, but it was light, citrusy, creamy, a little nutty from the pistachios and it had a strong rum flavor.  I highly recommend this one. Actually, I recommend ordering their special of the week always! I never know what I’ll get with the specials, I just know that it’ll be good.

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This is from last Christmas. I admit I went a little overboard, but I have not had Thomas for over a year, so I figured I was due for a treat…or three. These are the regular items. Clockwise, there is the champagne truffle, pistachio-sour cherry tart, and the most beloved double-baked almond croissant. I love all three. Anything chocolatey by Thomas is good. No matter what cake it is, the chocolate is always rich and smooth. The pistachio-sour cherry is fruity and more delicate, but still delicious. The double-baked almond croissant is legendary and well-deserving of its price. The croissant is heavy because they do not skimp on the ingredient, and it’s incredibly rich and nutty but not overly sweet.

If you have not visited Thomas yet(uh, why not?), I recommend going early. Most desserts are made fresh daily and in limited amount, so go early to get the widest range of options possible. Also, their teas tend to be quite strong, which is a great balance against the decadent desserts.


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