Alpha Up Beta5: A CreamPuffed Afternoon


It was disgustingly hot (not a fan of summer) and we had one last stop on our trip. The much heard about (and dreamed about and IGed about) Beta5. It was a long way to travel.


There were shady people around and did I mention it was hot? Cuz it was. Still we persevered and finally got there after stumbling and tripping only two or three times.


Not gonna lie, the smell when you enter the shop is the most beautiful thing ever. If you could bottle up the smell and alone and sell it? Worth millions. *remembers* *sighs*

Ahhhh. Better than perfume.

Anyway, there is no seating area in the store itself and it’s pretty much you buy your stuff and you go. The store front is small but the kitchen that you can see through a serving square thing in the wall is huge with lots of competent artistic type patisserie-makers working busily. The servers are super friendly and there are samples for their newest products.

Okay fine, I will stop talking about this and talk about the most important thing. The dessert!


Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

The cream is light and fragrant, and while it is rich, it doesn’t sit too heavily in your stomach. The crust is sweet but not unbearably so. The flavours are light…let’s get into specifics.

The Almond-Lavender (first picture) is part of their Spring 2016 – In Bloom collection. The taste of the lavender is really subtle and delicate. The egg has a nutty buttery taste that’s delicious. We’re guessing it’s almond meal formed in an egg-shape with a light coating of chocolate. The nest itself didn’t have much of a discernible taste or the taste was overwhelmed by the other flavours. It was delicious and let’s leave it at that.

The raspberry earl grey cream puff(second picture) is part of the Spring Collection. The healthy dollop of cream on top is incredibly rich and lightly scented with earl grey tea, but without the bitterness. Inside the cream puff is a raspberry cream with a strong taste of the berry and without any sweetness. This worked really well to counteract the sweetness and richness of the earl grey cream.

Beta5 launched eclairs as part of their new Spring Collection. They have three flavors in total, we picked one. This is the Strawberry-Olive Oil flavor with “olive oil cremeux/strawberry gel/ strawberry whipped ganache / olive oil financier / fresh basil.” The eclair was incredibly light and fragrant. You can taste the fresh strawberry in the ganache and the gel, but I think the subtle flavor of the olive oil was kind of lost in the sweetness of everything. However, we are huge fans of the strawberry and basil pairing. The sharpness of the baby basil leaves on top blends incredibly well with the strawberry and cuts down on the richness of the dessert. The fact that the pastry of both the eclair and the cream puff is not sweet at all helps the flavor from the rest of the dessert shine through.

Also, this is perhaps the only time on this blog that we will talk about chemistry, but I figured for dessert lovers and beta5 fans, this is something fun to know. Beta5 explains that the “5 beta crystal structure is the most stable form of cocoa butter crystallization, framed through the controlled melting, and subsequent cooling of liquid chocolate, giving our chocolates ‘ their distinctive shine and crisp snap.”

Even science agrees that beta5 is amazing, how can we resist?


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