Parfait Time at Mazazu Crepe

I often see people enjoying the green tea parfait from Mazazu Crepe on Instagram. Naturally, I put it on my food to-do list (Yes, I have one. Yes, it’s long. No, I will not tell you how much I’ve actually ate off that list!). I was in Aberdeen Centre this past week and wanted something sweet, so I headed upstairs to the food court.

The green tea parfait has a few layers, including the essential items: matcha soft serve, crunchy cereal, red bean paste and mochi balls. The matcha soft serve was creamy and firm, not too watery and not overly sweet. I would’ve liked a stronger matcha taste, but that’s a personal preference. The red bean paste was a mix of paste and actual red beans. I prefer this over straight red bean paste, because that can be really sweet.  Having the cooked red beans mixed in gives it more texture as well. I liked that the corn flakes were still crunchy and weren’t stuck to the bottom, so they were easier to mix in with the rest of the parfait. The chocolate brownie, I believe, is store bought. The brownie was chocolatey and fine. But I know other places in Vancouver will actually add a matcha brownie. I think the chocolate brownie’s flavor maybe too rich for the rest of the parfait. What I really do like about the matcha parfait is that the mochi balls are slightly sweet and very tender. Sometimes the mochi balls in the parfait are hard as a rock because they’re frozen from being stuck to the soft serve for too long. I appreciate that they kept the mochi balls soft and chewy, which makes the parfait a lot easier to eat.

This green tea parfait is pared down and straightforward, and coming from a food court stand, it delivers spectacularly.



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