Honeycombing at Soft Peaks Ice Cream


Last Friday, my friend Yash and I decided to make the trek to Gastown and have some ice cream. Well. It was mostly cuz we were curious about the honeycomb ice cream that promised all sorts of delights that we were moved to go out of our way. Gastown is a beautiful place but gosh, it is far more crowded than I like. Still. It was a beautiful day, one of those rare days between spring and summer when the weather is just perfect. We were both in a good mood and well, raring to eat ice cream.

So after being stopped by a homeless person who had the grace to tell us we are very beautiful before asking for money, we reached Soft Peaks.

Soft Peaks 3

I really enjoyed how the interior of the shop is decorated. It has high ceilings and an upstairs seating area. The decorations are vibrant and bold but not overwhelming.

Soft Peaks

Soft Peaks 2


They have just launched their ice cream bars but I didn’t try them (I will when I go with Teng).  As I said, we were curious about the honeycomb. I had the honeycomb peak while Yash had the blackcomb peak with the honeycomb block added in. The ice cream tastes milky and fresh. A clean taste if you can fathom it. It’s delicious. The cereal flakes at the bottom didn’t do much for me but as Mijune (followmefoodie) said in her review of the sundae, had the cereal flakes been layered into the ice cream, the experience would have been entirely different.

The honeycomb was…sadly…a disappointment. I don’t know what I expected but I wish it had been cut up into smaller pieces that had infused the flavour of the ice cream or been infused into the flavour of the ice cream. The integration was nonexistence and after a struggle to break down the honeycomb into more manageable eatable sizes, I gave up. To be honest, it was a bit too sweet for me as well.

Still, the ice cream was delicious, the servers were super friendly and I still have the ice cream bars to taste. I would go back in a heartbeat.


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