Bubble and Squish at Bubble Queen

One of my hobbies, other than eating, is looking for new food to try on Instagram. One of the things that I saw that got my heart racing was this bubble waffles with mochi. The other day, I was with the family, including my aunt that has a major sweet tooth. So I suggested that we try this new bubble waffle, and she heartily agreed. Bubble Queen opens a little late during the week at 2pm, so we patiently waited outside. Thankfully, it was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and just a light breeze was passing by.

When they finally let us in, I saw that Bubble Queen was a small cafe. Just a few bar stools along the walls. Being the dedicated sweet tooths that we are, my aunt and I were the first customers in the shop that day and we ordered a few waffles to share, which the ladies made fresh.

Clockwise, we got the following flavors: matcha mochi, matcha red bean, taro and black sesame.

The matcha mochi bubble waffle was the reason I went to Bubble Queen, and it was adorable. The mochi was mixed thoroughly in the waffle batter, so  the waffle was tender and a lot chewier than regular bubble waffles. Though the waffles were green from the matcha powder, the matcha taste was not that strong. Still, the waffle was really fun to eat.

The matcha red bean had some bits of cooked red bean mixed in the waffle batter. This one was still a little soft, but thankfully it wasn’t too sweet. The matcha flavor was not strong in this one either.

The taro bubble waffle was, unfortunately, a disappointment. I’m not sure if it was because our taste buds were so overloaded with the different waffles, but this one just did not shine. It was lightly sweet, had a slight lavender color from the taro, but the taro taste was almost non-existent. The waffle were just a little crunchy.

The black sesame waffle came out first, and I think because the ladies spent more time on it, the  waffle was nicely browned, perfectly crunchy outside and soft and cakey inside.  The texture of the waffle was fantastic. It was slightly nutty from the black sesame and you can see the little dark specks of black sesame in the waffle.

If I were to go back next time, I’ll just have the matcha mochi bubble waffle. I have yet to see this flavor in other bubble waffle places. I hope that if the waffle was cooked a little longer, it’ll develop a nicer crust outside and be perfectly gooey and chewy inside.



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