Dessert Breakfast at Fondway Cafe

Nafiza and I had one of our foodie dates recently. We were really productive and we hit many spots. This is the aperitif, otherwise known as “Teng-was-too-hungry-and-had-to-eat-or-starve-to-death.”


Now, I have been dyyying to go to Fondway Cafe. Nafiza has already went, and based on her review and what everyone else was saying about Fondway, I was really eager to go. While Nafiza was stuck in traffic, I took the time to thoroughly examine the offerings for the day, take in the adorable drawings on the wall and eat some dessert for breakfast.

The restaurant decor was really cute and comfortable. The rustic and simple wooden table and benches, the potted cacti plants scattered throughout the space and really adorable drawings on the wall made a very relaxing space. If Fondway was not so far away from Richmond, I can definitely spend hours lingering here with my laptop.

From the pictures on Instagram, I was really curious about the matcha and black sesame cake at Fondway. Unfortunately, neither were available that day. Hence, I settled for the coffee cake. The coffee cake was mildly sweet. I can taste the coffee flavor, both from the coffee cream and the thin layer of coffee jelly between the sheet cakes. The crumbled dried espresso beans sprinkled on top also adds to the coffee flavor, but its crunchy texture was a sharp contrast to the softness of the rest of the cake. It was a little weird eating the espresso beans, almost like I was chewing rocks between bites of the soft cake.

I really liked the coffee jelly milk tea. The strong coffee and black tea flavor was fantastic, giving me a second shot of caffeine for the day. Being Taiwanese, I really enjoyed the grass jelly and thought the soft jelly worked well with the rest of the drink.

I was still feeling adventurous after the coffee cake, so I ordered the almond berry pie as well. Unfortunately, this was a disappointment. I had imagined the almond berry pie filled with a fruity and deliciously gooey berry compote underneath the sliced almond sprinkled on top. Instead, under the sliced almond slivers, there was a thin layer of mixed berries and under that was just very sweet, but not too nutty, almond paste. The pie was quite sweet itself, but with no distinctive berry or almond flavor. The pie crust also wasn’t as crumbly and flaky as it appears.

I had high hopes for Fondway. The cake and pie I had did not really deliver. Also, at their price point, about $6 for each slice, I rather pay the same amount of money at Thomas Haas and enjoy something far more delicate and thoughtfully made. However, I did buy a small bag of earl grey cookies for my momma. Now, momma said the cookies had a nice earl grey flavor and not too bitter. I agree. The cookies were also more crunchy and less buttery shortbread-like. Still, I’m not sure if I will recommend Fondway, especially if you live far from Burnaby.



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