Pearl Fever Tea House: Surrey Location


Surrey can be a difficult place to find bubble tea. I don’t know if it’s because there isn’t much demand (I don’t believe that for one second though) or business-people don’t want to take the risk of opening a bubble tea place but there are not enough stores here.

Anecdote: One year, the night before Eid, my brother made us go all the way to Abbotsford cuz he was determined to have bubble tea and there were no other stores nearby still open. He didn’t want to go to Vancouver so off we went on a caper that resulted in dubious bubble tea and bleary eyes the next morning when our mom kicked us out of bed at 5 am.

Anyway, Pearl Fever Tea House opened in the neighbourhood a while ago and I was quite excited but never had the chance to go check it out until a few weeks ago. It’s a nice big place with plenty of comfortable seating and wonderful decor.

pearl fever 2

pearl fever 3

The drinks, I had the honey milk tea with mango jelly and I was pleasantly surprised by both the texture and the taste of the drink. I have had bad luck with bubble teas so I was understandably wary about what I’d find but I needn’t have worried. My cousin had the taro flavoured drink and she, too, enjoyed it.

I did find that their menu to be rather lacking though. They have a lot of teas but why do they not sell shaved ice? Whyyy? Also their dessert offerings were embarrassing and I wish they would do away with the entire thing rather than offer the sad-looking pastries that look half-wilted on their plates.

Still, it was a mostly positive experience–the drinks were tasty, the prices are reasonable and I will definitely make a return trip. If you live in Surrey and are looking for bubble tea, this will answer your cravings.


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