A Lebanese Brunch at Jamjar

Located very near the Commercial-Broadway Skytrain Station is Jamjar, a quaint little Lebanese joint featuring wholesome and healthy Middle Eastern food. Teng was determined to go and I was curious so this was the first stop on our second foodie adventure.

Jamjar 3

The interior is gorgeous with wood textures and a rustic aesthetic that will appeal to any connoisseur of the art.

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Jamjar 2

First we got Turkish coffee.

Jamjar 1

Actually, Teng didn’t want to share so we got two. (Teng: In my defense, as you can see, each cup was quite small so it was practical to get one each. And…I don’t share coffee).

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I don’t drink coffee all that much and the bitterness of the Turkish coffee was almost too difficult to handle. However, I asked for some sugar and voila! Bitter coffee became delicious coffee even if the waitress side-eyed my sugar-eating/drinking self.

Teng: I drank the coffee black and actually found the Turkish coffee a little bittersweet. The Turkish coffee was really smooth, creamy and fragrant, and I adored the way it was served.

Then came the actual brunch.

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The creamy sesame spinach dip with flat bread (or as we Indians call it ‘ready made roti’)


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the flat board which has the zataar with saj (the folded pastry with herbs and spices), a dip made with labneh, strained yogurt, fresh vegetables and picked eggplant.

Nafiza: The food was delicious and very healthy. So healthy I was surprised at myself. The zataar has a salty tang to it that I didn’t hate (ha) but it tasted best when dipped into the spinach dip. The white sauce was okay. It didn’t have distinct flavours so it wasn’t really anything to write home about. The pickled eggplant felt very rich and as Teng said would taste perfect with a meat dish. It had a hearty saltiness that would go great with beef curry. But really the standout item of this spread was the coffee. Yum.

Teng: I dragged Nafiza here for the spinach dip and was not disappointed. The spinach dip was creamy, herby, kind of like pesto on steroids. Plus I just like the idea that I’m eating so much spinach and green things so early in the day. I liked the labneh and thought the tangyness of the labneh worked well with the saj. Like Nafiza said, I really enjoyed the pickled eggplant that actually had a toasted walnut stuffed inside it. It was crunchy, nutty, very tangy and I wouldn’t mind having a side dish of this with some hearty beef dish. This spread was refreshing and light and made me feel healthy eating it.


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