A Virtuous Poke + Matcha Parfait at Shishinori

Many of you are probably familiar with Shishinori. I’m a fan of their very healthy and beautifully presented plates as well. Since I still haven’t satisfied my sushi craving since coming back to Vancouver, I went back to Shishinori for a visit.

Shishinori is quite a small cafe, only six tables I believe. The restaurant decor is spacious, minimal and very kawaii. There are manga pictures on the wall and in the menu as well.

This beauty is the Hawaii Ahi Poke Bowl and I chose the spicy dressing. I think the dressing has a bit of gochujang in it, no? It’s a little sweet but has a nice kick as well.  The Ahi Poke Bowl not only had the ahi tuna, there was also a lot of green veggies lightly dressed, a quarter of an avocado, pickled ginger, sprouts and all over a bed of brown rice. While the brown rice was warm and filling, the overall dish was very light and refreshing like a salad. The serving size is also quite small; some may not find it as filling.

If you recall, I had the matcha parfait from Mazazu Crepe in Aberdeen Centre. Now, I have a brilliant idea. I can do a #matchaparfaitcrawl!! Obviously since matcha parfait is quite substantial, I won’t be able to do them all at once. But if the opportunity arises, I want to sample as many matcha parfait in Vancouver as I can.

The matcha parfait at Shishinori is like an explosion of kawaii-ness. The parfait had multi-layers and lots of little bits and morsels. As I was eating it, I counted gummy bears, matcha soft serve, vanilla/black sesame soft serve(the flavor was too subtle to be able to tell them apart), pockey sticks(both strawberry and chocolate), sprinkles, whipped cream, blue jelly, mochi balls, many small pastel marshmallow bites, red bean paste and crunchy cereal. Oh and the ice cream star on top.

If you compare Shishinori’s parfait with Mazazu Crepe’s, Mazazu Crepe’s seems sparse. If Mazazu Crepe’s matcha parfait is a 20-something year old that loves Minimalism, cool neutral shades and would not be caught dead in a ball gown unless it’s haute couture, Shishinori’s parfait is a 10-year old that loves pink and tiaras and SPRINKLES AND GUMMY BEARS!!!


So the matcha parfait. The matcha soft serve was quite firm, with a nice tea flavor. Fortunately the gummy bears were not frozen solid from being stuck in the soft serve for too long. The mochi balls were still tender but chewier than Mazazu Crepe’s. The blue jello and the marshmallows were okay, they did not have a distinctive taste other than sweet. There was not a lot of red bean paste but it was mixed with cooked red beans, and not too sweet.  The corn flakes were unfortunately at the bottom, and there was a lot of it. The corn flakes were hard to mix in with the rest of the parfait, since the soft serve was actually quite firm. By the time I got to the corn flakes, they were more chewy than crunchy. However, I thought it was quite thoughtful of them to include a thin layer of very strong and bitter coffee jello in the bottom of the cup to chase down the sweet parfait.

Shishinori was fun, healthy and cute as always. But the experience would have been a lot more enjoyable if the waiters spent more time watching the restaurant and less time chatting behind the counter.



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