Prado Cafe

So between Jamjar and Kishimoto we had a lot of hours to fill and we, being who we are, migrated to the nearest picturesque cafe we could find. In this case, it was Prado Cafe.

It has an airy design so that even when the cafe is crowded, the high ceilings and many windows give an illusion of space (Teng: however, the cafe would have been an even more comfortable space to linger in if they had better ventilation or turned on the air conditioning. The temperature wasn’t extremely hot that day, but it was a bit stifling sitting in the cafe)

Prado 1

Prado 2

Prado 3

The decor is quirky and playful. The textured furniture is great for pictures (ha) and the space has a lot of energy as people sit and talk or work.

The food…well. Honestly, we didn’t have much but the raspberry bar we did have was a bit too doughy to be a favourite. I got the coconut water and Teng got the iced matcha(Teng: the iced matcha was good. They were generous with the matcha powder so the tea had the strong tea flavor and was refreshing).

Prado cafe is a great place to spend time socializing with friends but not really a destination for food. In my opinion anyway. They do carry 49 Parallel coffee which we didn’t try so the beverages are probably better than the pastries.


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