An Eggy Pidè at Sofra Mediterranean Kitchen

I was in Kerrisdale the other day to buy a gift. I have heard about the pidè from Sofra Mediterranean Kitchen a long time ago(Thank you Mijune from @followmefoodie), so I was curious and eager to try it.

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According to Google, pidè is a traditional Turkish flatbread, kind of like a pizza. You can add a variety of toppings on there, meat or vegetarian.

I ordered the pidè with spinach, pomegranate sauce, mushroom and feta. They have other flavor options with beef and feta as well. And since I faithfully follow Mijune’s recommendations, I ordered mine with a fried egg on top. Best. Decision. Ever!

The guy said the pidè will be ready in about 15 minutes since it has to be made fresh. It arrived really fast and piping hot. The bread was warm and doughy, with the distinctive taste of something that came straight out of the oven. Still, I wish it was a little more brown and toasted. The spinach was just lightly wilted and still retained its crisp green color. The pomegranate sauce added some sweetness, but was not overpowering. In fact, the balsamic vinegar drizzled on top had a stronger zing, but still balanced well with the rest of the pidè. The mushroom and feta added some richness to the whole dish, but the fried egg just made the pidè a little more decadent. The yolk of the egg was runny and made a great sauce to combine all the flavors of the pidè together.

Sofra has a pretty extensive menu with lots of Middle Eastern dishes. They also have a huge pizza oven in the back, so I recommend ordering the pidè just to try something different. Also, please order the pidè with the fried egg. You will not regret it.


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