Chimney Cake Adventure at The Kürtösh

On the second part of my Kerrisdale trip, I went to the newly-opened The Kürtösh. I’ve had the kürtösh, otherwise known as a “chimney cake,” before from a little pastry shop in Davie Village. The one in Davie Village only made one flavor, I think it was lemon and sugar, so I was curious about the ones offered at The Kürtösh.

The Kürtösh had a small space, with many minimalistic wooden furnishing, giving the place a rustic vibe. They offer the cake in a variety of flavors, both savory and sweet. They also make simple meals and desserts out of the kürtösh. Wikipedia says the kürtösh is a spit cake that’s usually made in the Hungarian-speaking part of Romania. It used to be eaten during the holidays, but it is now a more common food.

The Kürtösh lets you pick between buying a full or half chimney cake so you can try different flavors. I bought the nutella with walnut as a gift. I did not get to try it but it looks quite firm, and I was told it had a great nutty fragrance. The kürtösh is really fun to eat. It is a long strip of dough wrapped and baked in a cylinder shape, and it unwinds in a long spiral that you have to break into pieces to eat. I had the savory version, with cheese and jalapeno peppers. It was not too spicy, and had a nice chewy, doughy texture.

I recommend going to The Kürtösh for a visit sometimes. The treat makes a quirky gift and it’s a fun snack to eat and share.


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