Bingsoo Take 2: Midam Cafe


Okay so *looks outside* summer is not quite here (that’s okay!) but since places like Snowy Village (which we haven’t been to yet) are all the rage right now, I thought I should offer some alternatives if waiting two hours in a line up is not quite your thing.

(It’s not mine.)

I’ve been to Midam twice and though the place serves different kinds of food, we went strictly for bingsoo because that’s what they’re most known for. And they also have no proper website…dang. Anyway, someone there is a huge fan of basketball because basketball paraphernalia is all over the place. The place is spacious and offers floor seats where you can lounge…not that we did. I save that for when I’m home.

The servers are mostly nice. They give you a button to press when you’re ready to order and are mostly quick about getting the food to you.

Midam Cafe

The mango bingsoo is one dish while the matcha one comes in two. I loved how refreshing it was. The condensed milk was used in just enough amounts to make the dessert sweet without turning it overwhelming. The ice cream was tasty and the cornflakes, almonds, and red bean added interesting textures to the dessert. I am by no means a bingsoo expert (not for lack of trying on my part, I assure you) but I know enough to say that this was deliciouso.

And on a hot day? Divine.


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