Carbbing Up at Trattoria

Among the many amazing restaurants in Kitsilano is Trattoria. I am aware that there seems to be a love-hate relationship people have with Glowbal Group’s restaurants. I have not ate at all of their restaurants, but Trattoria I do like.

There are many places in Vancouver that offer cheap pasta. I like Trattoria because of the variety of pasta options available, and it’s a great place to satisfy those pasta cravings, especially with their $12(previously $11) Pasta Tuesdays.

To make sure we got some greens to balance out the carbs, we ordered  a side of Brussels sprouts. It was a little spicy and had a nice zing from the lemon, capers, chilies and parmegiano-reggiano. The leaves were not crispy, but were more wilted and soft, and very delicious.

The fusilli lunghi is one of my favorite pasta at Trattoria. It tasted earthy and rich from the wild mushroom, pancetta and oregano cream. This pasta is a little heavy but the flavor is fantastic. The fusilli is a nice shape that holds the sauce well. Trattoria’s pasta is also quite toothsome and has a nice bite.

I believe the smoked salmon radiatori is new. The sauce is a little rich with the lemon mascarpone cream, capers and herbs, but it wasn’t overwhelming. The radiatori’s shape is adorable and I liked that the smoked salmon was not that salty. Also, the smoked salmon was incredibly tender and most of the morsels retained a raw centre. It seems that the salmon was just lightly cooked from being mixed with the cooked pasta. However, possibly because it was not cooked with pancetta, the smoked salmon radiatori’s flavors was not as strong as the fusilli lunghi.

The funghi pizza with mushroom, creamed leeks, taleggio and arugula. The pizza did not have a thin crust and though I wish it had more leopard marks on the bottom, it was still delicious. The pizza overall had a very subtle flavor with the earthy mushroom and stringy taleggio. The creamed leeks made it a little more decadent and slightly sweet in flavor. All the flavors in the pizza were quite pronounced and blended together beautifully.

Trattoria is not the best Italian restaurant in the city. But for a neighborhood spot and just a quick place to satisfy those carbby cravings, Trattoria is fantastic. Besides, after eating all that pasta, the cushy leather couches lining the wall of the restaurant is incredibly inviting for a food coma nap.



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