Birthday Breakfast at Thomas Haas


Once upon a time, there was a girl,

she did not like flowers, and she did not find them pretty.

She did not broadcast this fact,

because she did not want people to find her weird.

Still, when a naive boy sent her flowers once,

she slammed the door shut and muttered, “XXX!”

She still did not like flowers, until one day,

an understanding friend took her to Thomas Haas,

and gifted her with a pot of edible chocolate flower.

The girl was so delighted, she thanked her friend,

 fell in love with Thomas once again and gobbled up her flower.

As of this writing, the flower still exists, just with some pieces missing.

The entire flower from the petals down to the flat board underneath is made with chocolate. Inside the flower pot are little rocks made with chocolate-covered malt. 4 pieces of truffle anchor the 4 corners of the flower. The soil is made with cocoa nibs. This is truly a feast for chocoholics. The chocolate is incredibly rich, fragrant and smooth. Nafiza gave me the flower for my birthday and I honestly prefer the chocolate flower over conventional cakes. I had a lot of fun breaking the flower apart and eating it. And even with the flaps closed on top, I can smell the chocolate emitting from the flower just by sitting near it. This makes a great gift for special occasions, or just for the hell of it.

While we visited Thomas to get my flower, we wouldn’t be us if we didn’t order something extra. So we had dessert for breakfast. There was a little miscommunication with the waiter, so we ended up with the raspberry special in a box. No matter, because the cake was delicious. The mascarpone cream was lightly scented with vanilla and combined with the fresh raspberry underneath, the dessert was refreshing to eat.

Nafiza had the danish with quark cheese and the tiramisu, which she will tell you about

Nafiza: Ah Thomas. Now admittedly, I don’t have as big a sweet tooth as Teng does but who says no to Thomas Haas creations? The tiramisu was incredibly light and it wasn’t too sweet. But I loved the danish with the quark cheese. The pastry was flaky and fresh and the filling was creamy and just lightly sweet. So good.

Again, we had a wonderful experience at Thomas. Even with the higher price tag, the fact that Thomas never skimp on the ingredients and always put so much thought and care into their creations make it all worth it. Besides, their coffee is rich and strong, which makes this place a wonderful breakfast spot as well.



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  1. Nafiza says:

    That poem tho. Haha.


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