Food Truck #1: Chickpea

The second stop in Teng’s Birthday Food Trip (oh dear, we have taken to naming our food trips) was…well. Okay, so we got on a bus and we were traveling to MacLeod’s, which is a bookshop but we somehow missed our stop and so we got off. Then we got on another bus but this one returned us to the skytrain station and clearly we were failing all our transit classes. So! We were both getting hungry because Thomas Haas had happened like 30 minutes ago by now (!!!) and we decided to walk to Burrard Station because Teng had heard that the Tacofino food truck was going to be there. So we decided to walk instead. It was a beautiful day and not too hot.

Off we went and along the way we came upon the Chickpea food truck that Teng had been talking about earlier. Now we have already had Tacofino (and we both liked what we had) so we decided hey…let’s do this. And we did that.


The Menu


Teng had the shakshuka in a pita while I had the sabich in a pita (more on that later).


What can I say about the food? It was glorious. Delicious and filling. Not to mention healthy but without feeling healthy. Haha. Know what I mean? It felt decadent. The sauces were tart, tangy and spicy, the portions generous. And okay, so we may have made a mess stuffing our faces, Teng’s lipstick went to her chin while my nose was dipped in sauce but damn we were happy eating.

The roasted eggplants in the sabich were awesome. Cooked just right and perfectly complementing the texture of the potato. The softness of these two contrasted beautifully with the crispiness of the vegetables and just…can we go again? I’ve just made myself super hungry talking about this.

Teng: the fried egg in the shakshuka made the pita taste a little more rich with the runny yolk. The tomato sauce was spicy but not awfully tangy. I also added the  crispy cauliflower,which was really delicious and made my sandwich extra healthy with the extra veggies. And extra messy too.

The servers are super friendly and hospitable. They feel genuinely excited about the food they serve and their passion rubbed off on us. Chickpea is usually on Cordova Street near the Waterfront Skytrain Station 6 days a week until 2 pm I believe. Check their Facebook page for more detail and if you haven’t tried them out yet, go! Even if you are not generally a fan of veggies, go!

Also, you know, we ate the messy way but you can totally take a fork and eat it in a far more civilized manner than we did…but I reckon we had more fun.



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