New Icy Love at Tangram Creamery


As a Vancouverite, I am proud, and maybe a little too enthusiastic, about the fact that we have so many great artisan, locally-made and just absolutely delicious ice cream shops. Nafiza says I love ice cream more than she does. I guess she’s right, ice cream is part of my summer diet and I might regularly check the flavor menu at my absolute favorite ice cream place, Earnest Ice Cream, like once a week. Okay twice.

Don’t worry, I will give you a detailed analysis for why I love Earnest Ice Cream later. Today, I want to proclaim my love for a new-found favorite, Tangram Creamery.

Tangram Creamery opened just recently and focuses mostly on Asian ice cream flavors like matcha, hojicha, black sesame, roasted coconut and others. They are also incredibly unique, because their ice cream cones and bowls are made with the absolutely amazing, buttery and crunchy langue de chat cookie. I believe the pastry chef that makes Tangram’s langue de chat cookies came from Chicco Cafe on Robson, and Chicco Cafe makes fantastic cookies.

I was hoping to try their matcha and hojicha flavors that day, but they were not available for scoops. No matter. I got the amazake with orange and ginger, london fog and black sesame instead and they were fantastic. The amazake, their new flavor, is a sweet Japanese drink made from rice wine. It can be used in dessert as a sweetener and apparently contains many nutrients.  The amazake flavor was mildly sweet, quite subtle, and I tasted more of the orange than the amazake. The london fog flavor was great and had a strong earl grey flavor without the bitterness. Compared to Earnest Ice Cream’s london fog(also very fantastic), Tangram’s london fog is more focused on the tea flavor and tastes less creamy than Earnest’s version. The black sesame flavor was very nutty, a little chewy and sometimes a little gritty from the ground black sesame.

Tangram’s ice cream has really distinct flavors that shines brightly. I sampled the blueberry sorbet as well and the light blueberry flavor was really pronounced. While some of their ice cream is less chewy than Earnest’s, I really enjoyed the ice cream I had. I think Tangram is a great place to try more Asian ice cream flavors if you’re not familiar with them. Also, I highly recommend ordering the ice cream with the langue de chat cookie cone or bowl. The crunchy cookie breaks with a nice snap, it tastes a little sweet but doesn’t overpower the ice cream flavors, and when it’s mixed with the ice cream…yum!

I will be going back to Tangram, for the hojicha and roasted coconut flavors. They also make affogato and ice cream sandwiches as well. All worth exploring.

UPDATE: I went back recently and was able to sample these flavors: matcha, Guatemala coffee and the new flavor azuki beans. The matcha was creamy with a nice bitter aftertaste but not overwhelming. However, it sort of paled in comparison to the Guatemala coffee that was both creamy and had a rich coffee flavor. I was really excited for the azuki beans, but it was a little disappointing. The azuki bean flavor was subtle, a little grainy from the skin and actual red bean blended in the ice cream, and a little gritty and icy.


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