Snow Cream at Icepik Shavery


I heard about Icepik Shavery the same place I hear about most of the places I end up going to: Instagram. The joint is near where my brother works so one day after work, I hitched a bus ride up Joyce and walked over…and past it the first time around. I doubled back, found the place which was empty (and would remain empty apart from us for the duration of our stay despite the very busy place next door). The server was very friendly and told me that I could stay and wait for my brother without ordering. So I did.

The decor of the place is pleasing to the eye. Very hipster-ish and cool.

ice shavery 1

ice shavery 2

The snowcream though…

ice shavery 3

It looks pretty, right? All deliciously shaved and all?

Yeah, don’t let the looks deceive you. It’s not shaved ice but actual ice cream feathered to look like shaved ice. The texture is waxy and the taste is forgettable. The fruit was given in stingy amounts and the mochi?  Ugh. Little hard balls of horror. So yeah, my brother and I had less than positive experiences at the Icepik Shavery. Perhaps that’s why it remained empty?

Oh also, the place only takes cash and I found that out the hard way. They really should have information like this on their website. Sadly, I cannot recommend this place. Go to the place next door. People seemed to love that one.


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