Taiwanese cravings at Chef Hung Noodle


As you may have read, I am Taiwanese-Canadian. Every once in a while, I will get a craving for Taiwanese food. This is the place that I tend to visit to get my fix. Note that this restaurant is far from an adequate representation of Taiwanese food, but I have enjoyed my visits here.

Chef Hung has many branches in Vancouver. I like the one in Aberdeen Centre since it is the most convenient. They have a Kerrisdale location as well.

Preserved Egg, pork floss and cold tofu in soy sauce. This is like a classic Taiwanese side dish, and I believe, an acquired taste. I love all kinds of egg, including preserved eggs, but some people might be turned off by its appearance. The preserved egg, or pidan, is made by curing eggs in ash, salt and lime. The egg white becomes a clear brown jello, and the egg yolk becomes a dark greyish-green, leaning towards green. If you’re lucky, the egg yolk will still be slightly custardy when you break it apart. Those are the best! Are you grossed out yet? Have. Faith. To eat this, mix everything together, so you get a bit of everything in each bite. It tastes a little salty, cool, creamy and honestly quite refreshing. Do give it a try, just close your eyes and chew.

Marinated beef wrap. I love the beef wrap at Chef Hung. It is decently priced, generously-portioned and the flavors are on point. The beef wrap is made with a nice, thick, naan-like pancake, with slices of cold beef shank, green onion and hoisin sauce inside. Chef Hung balances these three ingredients quite well, the beef wrap tastes a little sweet and spicy, not too salty and the beef is tender and meaty. I dream about this beef wrap when I’m away from Vancouver for too long.

Chef Hung’s signature is their Taiwanese beef noodle soup. On their menu, you get a choice of different soup base, types of noodles and cuts of beef. I usually get the beef shank and tripe noodle soup with flat noodles. This gives you a couple of tender pieces of beef shank and some tripe, because I like offal. I prefer their flat noodle, because it is a thicker kind of noodle that tastes homemade, chewy and toothsome. They also offer rice noodle and thinner noodles.

There are other restaurants in Vancouver that offer Taiwanese food(not as many as I want. Stinky tofu, where are you???). Chef Hung is one of them, and it is a great spot for a quick and fulfilling bite. The beef noodle soup is especially attractive when raincouver makes an appearance.


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