Watermelon It Up or What to do When You Get A Not-So-Sweet Watermelon


Hotter weather means smoothies and homemade drinks to try. One of my current faves was discovered as an accident (almost). My brother bought a watermelon that was not sweet at all but it wasn’t like I was going to throw it away just because it wasn’t sweet. So I cut it up into small blocks, got out my blender, put the watermelon blocks, lemon juice, and a teaspoon of honey and gave it a whirl.

Added crushed ice to the mix and gave it another whirl. The result? Absolutely delicious watermelon juice. The lemon brings out the watermelon taste more intensely and the honey increased the sweetness. It was delicious and very healthy.

There were dishes to wash later but hey, it was worth the trouble. Try it out! If you haven’t already. I mean, it is pretty basic stuff.


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