A Parisian moment at Ladurée


Nafiza can attest to this — I have been quietly keeping a careful watch on Ladurée’s construction progress, as soon as I heard that they will be setting up shop on Robson. Fine, I had a couple of freak out sessions with Nafiza, because I was afraid that Ladurée will not be open before I return to Vancouver.

Now, after waiting months since they opened in March of this year, I was finally able to pay the illustrious shop a visit.

Ladurée is truly gorgeous. Their celadon-green exterior is said to be modeled after their Paris store, and the inside of the store is just dreamy and princessy and expensive. I feel princessy just walking into the shop.


I was very fortunate to visit on a rather gloomy Saturday morning. There was no line up, and only a couple of tables were occupied in the little cafe inside. I cannot imagine what it must have been like when people had to wait 2 hours just to get in. It must have been a mad house.

I think all the pink and sweetness in the store drove me to pick the black and gold box for my macarons. I needed some balance. Now, let’s talk price first.

Ladurée is HELLA expensive. Like, if it wasn’t because I was too embarrassed with the two waiters watching me walk in and with no other customers at the front of the shop, I would’ve ducked tail and ran when I saw the price. This little box that holds 6 macarons cost $25. These are verrry verrrry precious macarons

.Having said that, I must admit the macarons were out of this world. The macarons were dreamy, almost melt in your mouth, not too sugary and my lord…the flavor!! If I remember correctly, I chose: pistachio, coffee, rose petal, red fruit, Marie Antoinette tea and rum vanilla. I love the pistachio, coffee, and the rose petal flavors. While the subtle nutty pistachio flavor was a little hard to detect, I can still taste it amidst the sugar. The coffee tasted like an explosion of espresso with condensed milk, very intense and swoony. The rose petal was a surprise, and my absolute love. It was like eating sugared rose petals, the rose scent was so incredibly strong it was shocking. Funnily, eating the rose petal macarons gave me the most Marie Antoinette feels. In contrast, the Marie Antoinette tea flavor was a little weird like caramel with orange zest? Very interesting. The rum vanilla was also fantastic, with a heady rum flavor.

Ladurée macarons are definitely special occasion treats. However, maybe because I’m still dreaming about lying in a bed of rose petals, I do not think they are overpriced. The macarons tasted fresh, not overly sugary, not too sticky, chewy nor crunchy, no weird colors and the flavors are loud and clear. Macaron flown in from Paris by air is truly different.


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