Vibrant, Virtuous, Vegan Nice Vice Creamy

Needing something sweet and icy today to cool down from the Vancouver summer(a balmy 20 degrees,  but still, it’s approaching hot for Vancouver), I went to Yaletown. Now, I normally prefer a rich gelato, the chewier and creamier the better, but Nice Vice Creamy completely blew me away.

Nice Vice makes gluten and soy-free, non-dairy, vegan friendly “vice cream” (very clever). I was skeptical at first but their incredible treats won me over.

I went in and was met by the owner(I presume?), who proceeded to feed me samples from all the flavors. I am not kidding, his generosity made the whole experience better. I have yet to meet a storeowner that generous and friendly.  Having sampled all the flavors, I chose Avocado Matcha Fudge, Chocoholic Anonymous and Earl Grey of Blueberry.

The Avocado Matcha Fudge had the most subtle flavor, but I can still taste the earthy tea and the avocado. This flavor was creamier than the rest, likely due to the avocado. The Earl Grey of Blueberry was a great blend of the sweet blueberry and the bitterness of the earl grey. The earl grey tea lessens the overall sweetness of this ice cream. The Chocoholic Anonymous was amazing, it was rich tasting but light at the same time. The flavor was just pure, unadulterated chocolate, without any cream or milk obscuring the chocolatey-ness. It was also the least sweet, with just a nice taste of the bitterness of dark, dark chocolate.

Regarding the other flavors, I would recommend the blue raspberry for the rich berry flavor; vanilla lavender because the lavender cuts down the rich sweetness of regular vanill; the mango was also good; and you must get the black sesame.

Another thing that makes Nice Vice unique is that they have a salt bar. They have a rack of 11 differently-flavored salt that you can add to your ice cream. Feeling adventurous, I added lime fresco to the avocado matcha, blueberry salt to earl grey of blueberry and hickory smoke and hellfire salt to the chocoholic anonymous. The salt amplifies the ice cream’s flavors, and I think they are an incredibly fun play on the idea of salty and sweet. The hellfire salt is actually quite spicey, definitely try it when you visit.


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