The Ultimate Tea-Time Snack: Fried Cassava

I’m from Fiji and in Fiji, we eat cassava quite a bit.

Cassava is a root crop with a texture just a bit denser than potato. It can be used as an alternate to potato and it has a rather similar taste though I feel that cassava is a bit heavier in terms of the way it rests in your tummy. There are many ways of preparing cassava. The most basic way is eating it boiled. It can be made into sweet or savoury chips (just slice it really thinly). This site explains how to prepare cassava for eating and this one talks about cyanide poisoning and cassava.

Cassava can be made into pudding or other desserts. I won’t get into any of that right now because I want to give you a very quick recipe for one of my favourite ways of eating cassava (which is called kassera in Fiji-Hindi).

Get a pack of cassava (peeled and processed) from your local grocery store (Walmart has it).
Boil it until it’s soft.
Cut it into whatever kind shapes you want (we went with rectangular, you don’t have to).
Deep fry until golden brown. Cassava doesn’t absorb oil so you’re safe. Fry it until it’s crisp.
Make a paste of garlic and chili and add it to the fried cassava. Mix well. Oh right, add salt too.

It’s quick and easy to make and it’ll impress your guests if you have them. Fantastic with a cup of chai.


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