Rain or shine, I ice cream


Rain or Shine is one of the many gourmet, locally-made artisan ice cream shops in Vancouver. I do not visit Rain or Shine as frequently as I do Earnest Ice Cream. But from what I have sampled, the ice cream at Rain or Shine is quite delicious.

Like their name, my photo proves that I do eat ice cream, rain or shine. Besides, the cool natural light of #raincouver just makes photos prettier.

The blueberry balsamic is one of Rain or Shine’s permanent and very popular flavors. I cannot count the number of times that I have visited the store and the staff told me “sorry, we’re sold out.” After tasting it, I can see why. The acidity of the balsamic vinegar does not overwhelm and seems to accentuate the subtle sweetness of the blueberry. Yum.

The other flavor I had is seasonal. The roses with raspberry jam shortbread. This flavor was incredible. The rose scent was clear, sweet but not overwhelming, and I had a great time picking out the buttery shortbread to eat. I understand some people might not like extra accessories in their ice cream, but every time I eat ice cream with shortbread, cookie dough or some kind of toasted nuts added in, I think I’m going on a treasure hunt…with a spoon…and I get to eat the treasure! So much fun!!

From my eating preferences, I also realized that I have no fondness for roses, the actual flower, but I will happily savor rose-flavored food. Go figure.


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