Brunch Feastin’ at Jam cafe


Nafiza and I have been scheming to visit Jam cafe, since we knew of its existence. Recently, we managed to coordinate, skipped both our dinners and headed on our adventure.

Jam cafe, originally a popular breakfast spot in Victoria, took over Cafe Medina’s old spot on Beatty Street. It is literally two doors down from the illustrious Chambar(BALLLERR!!!). Jam cafe occupies a small space, they retained much of the dark wood furnishing and white walls, though with more embellishments. The music is loud, the servers are friendly and it’s generally a very happy, cheerful spot.

This is the Charlie Bowl. The regular $15 bowl. Silly me thought since I’m only sharing French toasts with Nafiza, I can totally handle the regular bowl. The $3 different between the regular and the Little Charlie Bowl cannot possibly be that big of a deal. Wrong. I thought I saw a mountain come towards me when the waiter came. I switched the diced ham for the chorizo and added the avocado, which I’m glad I did because it added a nice kick. The Charlie Bowl is a big heap of crumbled biscuit, hash brown, cheddar and gravy mixed together. By downtown Vancouver’s food price, this is hella lot of food for $15.  The biscuits had some crispy edges, the hash brown was soft but not mushy and the whole mess was seasoned perfectly with the sausage gravy. I would definitely get the smaller version next time, because I could not finish the mountain of grease and carbs, but I had a lot of fun eating this. If I ever have a carb craving, I know where to go.

Nafiza had the Smoked Salmon Benedict, which she will tell you about.

Jam Cafe

This was delicious! I chose to have my eggs hard poached because I really like the crumbly yolk. The smoked salmon was just nice and fishy enough without being overwhelming. The biscuit soaked up the sauce nicely and provided the nice firmness and texture that is so necessary for good sandwiches. The fruit was, okay this might sound a bit petty, but I wish the fruit had been peeled. I didn’t know where to put the peel after I was done and I’m the kind who hates having stuff on her plate that’s not going to be eaten. The tomato was…odd. The hash was good as well but I would have appreciated some more seasoning. On the whole, a successful dish but the chili lover in me would have appreciated a little bite…some sauce at the table, perhaps? I would definitely recommend this.

Nafiza and I shared the Cracker Jack, which is a banana and nutella French toast sandwich. This was enormous as well. Unfortunately, we both thought the French toast could be soaked in the custard for just a little more. The French toast was a little dry, and a little too stiff for a buttery brioche. While I enjoyed the nutella, I thought the combination of nutella and banana was overly sweet. (Nafiza: I concur. Maybe we should have gotten the brioche but I don’t like the apple and cinnamon. Really not what I thought french toast would be like.)

We had a lot of fun at Jam Cafe. It’s a really busy and happy place for breakfast/brunch. They have a wide variety of options. The Chicken French Toast, Pork Belly Benedict and the Veggie Bowl all look promising. Bonus, they serve JJ Bean coffee. Thank you coffee god!!

Nafiza: I did think it was odd that so many people were commenting on our table though. While we have previously had servers protesting the amount of food we order, we’ve never had fellow diners say a word but this time around the table on the right of us exclaimed about the amount of food sitting between us, asking if we really were going to eat all of it while the table on the left contained two fellow food bloggers who didn’t seem as impressed by Jam Cafe but were quite willing to take pics of our food.

I liked the vibe and I like the general friendliness of the place. Definitely a place that will give you food for your money and then some. Teng’s Charlie Bowl was a Charlie Basin(Teng: I concur. I think it feeds 4). Haha.


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