Lik N2: Ice Cream, Are You?


So Lik N2 opened in Vancity a few weeks ago and due to its proximity to my workplace, I trotted over on a rather cold day to enjoy ice cream for lunch. It’s true that I am not as much an aficionado for ice cream as Teng is but who doesn’t enjoy ice cream once in a while (I don’t want to know them). So the first time I went alone and met the proprietor (or at least I think it was the proprietor) an Australian with a cute accent.

The interior is pretty and aesthetically pleasing. I didn’t get any pictures because the lighting is horrid and not very insta-worthy. On my first foray into ice cream made from nitrogen, I tried the matcha ice cream with red adzuki beans.

Lik 4

The syringe is filled with flavoured condensed milk.

The ice cream had a pleasing matching taste (the after taste was awesome) but the red beans were way too sweet for me. The mochi was okay, firm but not hard and tough.

The second time around, I went with Teng. I had the mango cup:

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

I enjoyed the mango pieces which were fresh and yummy but the mango sorbet was a bit too sour for me so I didn’t much care for it. I also continue to be pretty annoyed by the paddle-kind spoons they give to eat the ice cream with. I want spoons that I can scoop the ice cream with not the wooden board-like things. I also found the ice cream to be  pricier than it was worth in my opinion. The servers were bright and friendly and I appreciated that. The ice cream though, *shrug*.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Teng: I got the blueberry crumble on a matcha cone. Yes, I got the cone, because I thought it was prettier to Instagram. The blueberry ice cream was good, I could taste the blueberries and the ice cream was creamy and slightly chewy. I also liked that Lik’s version of liquid nitrogen ice cream does not have a buttery mouth-feel, so it’s still refreshing to eat. The oatmeal crumbles were not too sweet, but since I have yet to master the skill of eating crumbly food on a cone, things got a little messy. The syringe was filled with blueberry ganache, which tasted like concentrated blueberry but extremely sweet. I was disappointed in the matcha cone, because I had to pay extra for it, but I did not really taste the matcha.

It was fun to watch them make the liquid nitrogen ice cream, the billowing mists made it look very mysterious. I thought Lik’s use of the syringe for extra flavor is cute, but I doubt I will return, unless they come up with some funky flavors.





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