Brunch and things at Ask for Luigi


As you may have read, I am a devote believer that brunch is the best moment of the day. If I can go to the Church of Brunch every Sunday(or any other day for that matter), I will happily do so. I have tried dinner at Ask for Luigi before, and fell terribly in love with their housemade pasta, so I was eager to brunch at Ask for Luigi too.

We went in super early and were one of the lucky early birds to get the complimentary banana bread. Trust me, this banana bread is worth getting up early in the weekends for and I hate banana bread. The banana bread was soft and moist in the centre and had a crunchy, buttery crust. It is slightly sweet, but did not have a strong banana flavor. You can make it richer with a smear of the salted caramel and whipped butter provided on the side.

The boccoccini fritter. It’s little balls of fried cheese topped with pesto and fresh basil. How can it possibly be wrong? I even included the action shot so you can see how stringy it is. Please try it, it’s fried cheese. Just work it off at the gym later. Live and let live.

The tagliatelle alla carbonara with poached egg. While the pasta was toothsome and chewy, this pasta was quite salty, likely due to the generous amount of pancetta swirled in the pasta. The cream sauce and the yolk of the poached egg makes this pasta extra indulgent. I enjoyed this one, but the next pasta was far better.

Pappardelle alla bolognese with fried egg. This was awesome. This pasta is quite thick, so you can fully enjoy the chewy bite of the pasta. Plus the pasta holds the rich meaty bolognese sauce very well.  The pappardelle is quite carbby, but so good.

The Italian Benny with mortadella, taleggio and soft boiled eggs. Maybe it’s because I was too distracted by the other pasta, I thought the Italian Benny underwhelmed. While the poached eggs were perfectly tender and rich, I could not taste much flavor in the mortadella other than saltiness. I did enjoy the contrast of the soft benny with the toasted, crunchy pistachios. The color contrast was also beautiful.

Ask for Luigi is a fantastic little neighborhood Italian restaurant that I just wish is a little closer to my home, dangerous as it maybe. I had a great brunch at Ask for Luigi, but I can’t help but be a little disappointed in the waiter. Our waiter was helpful and friendly, but because we were only a table with two women(I went with my mother) and because we ate everything, our waiter said, “I can’t believe you finished everything!” while clearing our plates. We were actually both considering ordering more, but that little comment left us feeling uncomfortable for wanting more. This is not the first time I experienced these kind of comments from waiters, same for Nafiza. We will be talkin’ about this in a later post.

Still, judgey waiter aside, I will most likely return to Ask for Luigi later. I do so love their pasta.



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