Eid 2016


You may have noticed that I have been absent from the blog for a bit. I did intend to keep on writing during Ramadan but I didn’t figure on having less energy than a mollusc. I mean, forget sentences, even words were an impossibility for me while fasting. Ha. But Ramadan is over and to celebrate the end of the holy month, we celebrated Eid.

Eid, in case you didn’t know, means food. Copious amounts of food. Plentiful, bountiful food. Me, I would get everything catered, my mother is old school. She does everything by her own self. Do you know what it feels like to make samosas while fasting? No? We started preparing for Eid weeks in advance, making samosas, rolls, and other delicacies. After a protected length of time when the night and day ran into one, we were finally ready for Eid Open House which took place two days after the official Eid (which happened on Wednesday). There was food (a lot of it), there were guests (many of them), and there was fun.

Here is the food part of the celebrations. Well, some of the food. I didn’t take pictures of the actual curries/more substantial dishes. I got too tired.


Okay fine, this isn’t exactly food but a lot of work was involved in preparing this fruit platter and since I adore fruit, I figured I’d show you all a picture of the very colourful fruit.


The first tier contains custard tarts (a closer look coming up), the second tier contains lamingtons, and the third contains pieces of date cake (so deelish, especially with a cup of tea).


The custard tarts with homemade cherry jam and a blueberry on top. I made this at 1:30 am but they tasted pretty decent despite that. Hah.


The blue and pink clouds are homemade marshmallows, the papery white stuff is called soan papadi and this we didn’t make at home but bought from the store, the balls are gulaab jamun and the stuff in the middle is called lakri mithai basically wood sweets on account of their shape. These are all sweet things.


This is called murku. It’s spicy and is flour mixed with mashed potatoes and a whole lot of spices which is them shaped with a hand held device and deep fried. Think trail mix but with a definite bite.


The sauce in the middle is mint and yogurt chutney. The golden brown balls are bara which is made from different sorts of legumes. The leafy kinda thing is called saina which is traditionally made from dalo leaves but here my mom has used swiss chard on account of it being more readily available. Also used in this dish are various kinds of legumes. If anyone wants a recipe, let me know.


This is idli, a south-east Asian dish traditionally served with a spicy coconut chutney which my mom made but which isn’t pictured.

These are all the pictures I have though there was a lot more food on the table. Chicken, beef, and tuna samosas. Veggie, chicken, tuna spring rolls. Phoolia puri, alu matar curry, chicken wings, beef curry, butter chicken, punch and faluda among the stuff I missed. I hope you enjoyed this glimpse of an Eid table. If you have Muslim friends and they celebrate Eid, you should inveigle an invitation and see for yourself.



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  1. FyzaZubs says:

    All the food looks amazing!


    1. Nafiza says:



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