Lava Yolk Time at Marutama Ra-men


People often say chicken noodle soup is good for the soul. Unfortunately, perhaps I missed the memo, I don’t understand why people find chicken noodle soup so fascinating. If I have a cold, I would rather get a nice steaming bowl of pho.

Then I went to Marutama.

Marutama Ra-men is unique in that their soup base is made entirely from chicken, not pork bone. This means that their soup looks cloudy and it tastes incredibly creamy, rich and layered. I adore it.

I got the Aosa Ramen, so the ramen came with a generous amount of seaweed. The seaweed adds an extra layer of flavor to the soup and makes the soup base almost gooey in texture. Incredible. Plus, I got the ramen egg. Marutama makes sick ramen eggs. Each serving of ramen egg is a whole egg, which you can break apart and stare in awe at the beautiful golden lava yolk. Now, I am very particular about my ramen eggs. I prefer mine either raw,  super tender like an onsen egg or marinated and softly poached with a custardy runny yolk. Marutama’s ramen egg yolk is almost 100% custard. You can basically slurp it down. I almost regret only getting one.

The only gripe I have about the ramen is that the ramen noodle, while chewy, was rather thin. I prefer slightly thicker noodles. But for ramen eggs of this calibre, I will happily go for another bowl.

Dashimaki. I was curious about the Japanese Omlette, and I was pleasantly surprised. These were served warm with a small nub of grated daikon sprinkled with soy sauce. The Dashimaki was incredibly tender, fluffy while managing to hold its shape, and slightly sweet with a light egg flavor. The Dashimaki sits right on the edge between savory and sweet. It was a lot of fun jiggling and watching the omelette wiggle too.

I would most likely go back to Marutama again. Their aka(spicy) and vegetarian ramen looks promising. Plus, next time, I’m getting two ramen eggs.  Also, the servers at Marutama are quite friendly and incredibly fast.

Lastly, has anyone noticed that Robson and Bidwell is like downtown Vancouver’s ramen corner? I counted Hokkaido Ramen Santouka, Marutama Ra-men and The Ramenman all within steps of this intersection. Interesting, no?



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