An Earnest Love for Earnest Ice Cream

A few posts back, I said I will discuss my love for Earnest Ice Cream, my favorite ice cream parlor in Vancouver. Here it is. I keep my word, especially when it comes to food.

To illustrate my love for Earnest: I had the matcha ice cream in the photo to the left on the day I came back to Vancouver in April. I only had one scoop because I had a pounding headache that day. Still, I thought the matcha ice cream was delicious. Also, did you notice how generous that one scoop is?  Worth. The. Headache.

Another reason why I love Earnest is because they come up with new flavors regularly and they announce them on their websites.  Some of my favorites include: whiskey hazelnut, london fog and strawberry basil(summer flavor).

Sometimes(okay, a lot. See below), I get a little too enthusiastic in sampling the flavors so I get three. Here is the spruce bud(seasonal flavor), london fog and butter pecan. Before I had these ice cream, I did not even know you can cook with spruce buds. It was really light, a little bit like licorice. The butter pecan is also great, especially for people that likes nuts in their ice cream. I especially like the fact that the pecans are toasted and you can taste the butter in the ice cream. Yum.

This is from last summer I believe. Blueberry lavender and cookies and cream. Sometimes Earnest will come up with seasonal flavors, like the blueberry lavender, that are only available for a couple of weeks, which make them all the more precious to me. And fuels my habit to check their website for new flavors every so often. Ha.

Doesn’t this just look like summer? Strawberry basil, raspberry and matchstick espresso flakes. I love the blend of strawberries and  basil, and it is presented beautifully in the ice cream here. While I would have preferred to taste more of the tartness of the raspberries, the matchstick espresso flakes packs a powerful caffeine punch. The coffee flavor was strong in both the ice cream and the espresso flakes.

I love Earnest because while they continue to come up with new flavors, they also put a lot of effort in making sure the different flavors shine through in their ice cream. Rarely do the flavors not register.

One last thing, Earnest also sells their ice cream in pints, and you can return the empty pints in exchange for a $1 discount on your next purchase. Yes, I take advantage of the discount quite often. Recycling is good for the environment, yes?


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