Lobster and So-so Dishes at Delicious Cuisine


This is a bit of a funny story. I was Skyping with my mom one night while I was in Ottawa, when she told me she had steamed lobster with glutinous oil rice with her colleagues that night. That sounds nice, no? Well, I heard that when I was neck-deep in work, it was 11pm at night and I only had a salad for dinner. You can probably imagine the deep, wrenching pain in my stomach I was feeling then. Since then, I’ve been whining to go.

We finally went. Perhaps I set my expectations too high, but while I thoroughly enjoyed the steamed lobster and sticky rice, I did not feel as enthusiastic about the other dishes.

This is the salted egg yolk with white asparagus. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, then you know about my obsession/love for eggs. As part of my love, I am especially in love with salted egg yolks when it’s mixed with other ingredients and deep fried to a crispy, golden dream. I was excited for the dish and expecting a mound of golden-yellow crispy, glistening fried white asparagus stems, cut into bite size pieces. Instead, we got stir fried white asparagus with a lot of garlic, peppers and other aromatics but no sign of my beloved salted egg yolk. The white asparagus tasted fine, it was tender with nice, spicy flavors, but I wished the menu would be clearer about the dish.

Stir-fried green beans with minced pork. The green beans were spicy, just wilted with blistered skin, tender and crispy. The minced pork was well-seasoned, not too dry and it  made the green beans taste richer.

The Stir-fried Shredded Pork with Plum Sauce served with Pancakes. This is like Chinese tacos. The shredded pork with plum sauce was tender, and a little sweet from the plum sauce. It can be eaten as is or eaten wrapped in the thin pancakes provided on the side. I prefer it with the pancakes, just because it’s more fun and the pancake is quite bland so it makes the shredded pork less salty.

It’s beautiful, no? The lobster and the glutinous oil rice is steamed in the lotus leaf, so the lobster was both meaty, tender and retained a little of the light fragrance of the lotus leaf. The glutinous rice, which was stir-fried then steamed, was also delicious, it sucked in the juice of the steamed lobster and the marinade. The sticky rice was a little dry, but I still enjoyed it.

Deep fried Shrimp with Salted Egg Yolk. Okay, the batter for the shrimp here looked a little more like the salted egg yolk was mixed in but no, there was no taste of it. The lack of salted egg yolk aside, the batter was crunchy and the shrimp was fresh and had a nice snap.

Dessert! Fried Pumpkin Cake with Condensed Milk. I really enjoyed this. The pumpkin was mixed with sticky rice flour then breaded and fried. Then condensed milk was drizzled over the fried pumpkin cake. The pumpkin was soft on the inside with a crispy crust, and it was a little chewy from the sticky rice flour. The condensed milk just added enough sweetness, but it wasn’t overwhelming.

I’m not sure if I will go back to Delicious Cuisine on my own. While the lobster with glutinous oil rice was delicious, I did not find the rest of the dishes to be amazing. Plus, I feel quite cheated with the white asparagus and the shrimp. If the menu says deep-fried with salted egg yolk, I expect to see a beautiful golden-yellow mess of creamy, crumbled egg yolks that makes me wanted to swoon.



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