Something New at Bella Gelateria


If you have been following Bella Gelateria’s instagram(like moi), you would have seen that Bella Gelateria has been making some of their gelatos with water buffalo milk. Gelato made with water buffalo milk is apparently healthier than regular gelato, because it contains more protein, more calcium, uses no eggs, no cream and no refined sugar. It’s like diet gelato with supplements.

I tried the white coffee made with water buffalo milk. The ice cream did not taste gamey at all, it was still creamy, dense and smooth like a regular gelato. The white coffee flavor was amazing. Though the gelato was a pale, creamy egg white, the coffee flavor was powerful. It tasted like black coffee laced with a little condensed milk. Delicious.

I also tried the tayberry sorbet, which had no milk. The sorbet was amazing, it was just a little sweet, a little grainy from the berry and slightly tart, like an actual berry would taste. I also learned that tayberry is  made by crossing black and red raspberry and it is only in season for a few weeks each year. These are special berries, and I feel fortunate to be able to try them while they were in season. With no milk or cream, the sorbet just tasted like pure, adulterated berries that was incredibly refreshing.

I know that Bella Gelateria is often busy during the summer, with an atrocious line outside the store. But I went on a day that was not too sunny, just the typical mild Vancouver summer day and managed to get my treat in about 10 minutes. So check the weather before you go!


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